Achi, ha'im tiz'kor eich hayamim nir'u acheret
kshebash'chunah hadelet me'olam lo nin'alah
yashavnu yachad al hamid'rachot im bo ha'erev
bli klum, rak im simchah achat g'dolah.

Atah shamarta az alai ve'gam ani aleicha
vekol mah shehayah sheli tamid hayah shelcha
haru'ach k'tzat shonah hayom vehashigrah noshechet
aval yeshnah beineinu hav'tachah.

Achi, hakol beseder, ki zeh lazeh anachnu arevim
achi, baleil haseder lo yihyu beineinu re'evim.

Achi, k'shehashulchan yihyeh aruch beleil haseder
im or hayekarot shel hanerot hazehuvim
nohav et ha'orchim hamesubim yachdav bacheder
ve'lo yihyu beineinu re'evim.

Achi, hakol beseder,
betoch halev nimtzet kvar hat'shuvah
hakol yihyeh beseder im rak ned'a latet me'ahavah.

My brother, will you remember how the days seemed different
when in the neighbourhood the door was never locked
we sat together on the road with the set of evening
with nothing, just with one great joy.

You guarded over me then and I upon you
and all that was mine was always yours
the win is a bit different today and the routine bites
but there's a promise between us.

My brother, everything is fine, because we are pleasant to one another
my brother, on Seder night, there will not be arguments between us.

My brother, when the table will be set on Seder night,
with the light of the dear of the golden candles
we'll love the guests sitting together in the room
and there will not be arguments between us.

My brother, everyting is fine,
inside the heart the answer is already there
everything will be fine if we only know to give from the love.

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Shimrit Or
Boaz Sharabi
Sarit Hadad

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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