Rak hitbonen, kan hem kulam,
Osef nifla,
Kol parit bo mushlam
Ve’az tomar she’rak li
Yesh hakol ba’olam….

Kan he'matmon, zeh otzari
Lo he’emanta she’zeh efshari
Aval, ani az omar: “Ken,
Zeh mekor oshri!"

Mischakim uvobot mikol tzevah
U’dvarim meshunim ad me'od
Atah rotzeh “Drambalabus”? Yesh bishefa!
Ach ani avakesh od va'od!

Rotzah lihiyot im b'nei ha'adam
Rotzah lir'ot ech rokdim bishnayim
Ech mehalchim hem al...
Ech kor'im lazeh? Oh, raglaim!

Im snapirim lo erkod le’olam,
Kedei lehalech nechutzot raglaim,
U’leshotet stam ba...
Ma hamilah hazot? Rechov!

Sham hem holchim, sham hem ratzim,
Shem hem bashemesh mit’rotzetzim,
Ve'gam ani, zeh retzoni,
Lihiyot itam...

Ma lo eten,
Im rak ezdamen michutz lamayim?
Hon ashalem,
Leyom shalem al chol chamim...

Kol habanot
Bevadai chosfshiyot kmo ruach.
Kvar nim'as li,
Ein li koach,
Rotzah la’amod...

Elmad basfarim
Me’chochmat hasofrim,
Esh’al she’elot
Ve’esh’av kach yeda,
Ma bo’er sham***
Biktzeh haner,
Ma hamilah? Esh...

Rak avakesh lihiyot itam,
Latzuf me'al galey hamayim!
Michutz layam...Be’Olamam...
Shel B’nei Ha’Adam!



Just watch, here they all are,
A wonderful collection,
Every item in it is perfect.
And then you'll say that it's only for me,
There is everything in the world ...

Here is the treasure, this treasure,
You did not believe it was possible.
But then I say: "Yes,
This is the source of my happiness!"

Games and dolls of any color,
And very strange things.
Do you want "Dramablus"? I have plenty!
But I will ask for more and more!

I want to be with people,
I want to see how they dance in two,
How they move to ...
How is it called? Oh, legs ...

I will never dance with fins,
To walk is necessary with legs,
And they just wander in ...
What is this word? Street.

Where they go, where they run,
Where they are in the sun running around,
And me too, this is my wish,
To with them!

What can I not give,
If only I run outside the water?
A fortune I would pay,
For a whole day on hot sand ...

On land,
All girls
Must be as free as the wind.
I'm tired of it,
I do not have the strength,
I want to stand...

I will learn in books
From the wisdom of writers,
I'll ask questions
And I'll draw that knowledge,
What is burning there***
At the end of the candle,
What's the word? Fire...

I will only ask to be with them,
Float above the water waves!
Outside the sea ... in their world ...
Of humans!


áú äéí ä÷èðä

*On the album "Shlomit Aharon ve'Shloshet HaTenorim - Behofa'a Chaya" (Shlomit Aharon and The Three Tenors - LIVE!), the name of the song is listed as "Bat Hayam Ha'Ktana"

**In the Disney animated film, however, it's called "Olamam Shel B'ney Ha'Adam" (the Hebrew version of "Part of Your World")

***In this version, the word "kan" (ëàï) is replaced with the word "sham" (ùí), so the verse translates to "What is burning THERE at the end of the candle"

Shlomit Aharon was the singing AND speaking voice of Ariel in the Hebrew dubbing of the film!
Part of Your World - Shlomit Aaron
The Little Mermaid - Part of Your World (in Hebrew with Hebrew subtitles)

Daniel Efrat
Alan Menken
Shlomit Aharon
"Shlomit Aharon ve'Shloshet HaTenorim - Behofa'a Chaya" (Disc 2) Track 9

Words transliterated and translated by Rachel Isakowitz of Pasadena, California, USA.
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