Im telchi acshav hakol od yisha’er li
Ketzef chartziyot shalhaviyot zahav
Tzaftzefa ksufa, halev sheli omer li
Im lomar shalom, az bo’I nomar achsahv

Im telchi achshav, kolech miktze hagesher
Yetzaltzel elai ko’ev ume’uhav
Yelatef panai be’etzba’ot shel geshem
Kingi’a kala shel ru’ach bekochav

Im telchi achshav tzipor ktana locheshet
Le’oznai tziyutz aliz ume’ushar
Ma kara pit’om she’et prichat hakeshet
Ananim kisu, le’an telchi achshav

Im telchi achshav yafa kemo rakefet
Ahava shelach ben hasla’im tid’ach
Isha acheret tabit ech yad hazman kotefet
Perach alumai shebeganech parach

If you go now, I will still have it all
Froth of chrysanthemum, golden flames
Silver Poplar, my heart tells me
If to say good bye, let’s say it now

If you go now, your voice from the edge of the bridge
Will call me hurting and in love
Will fondle my face with fingers of rain
Like a light touch of wind in a star

If you go now, a little bird whispers
In my ears, a happy gay twittering
What happened suddenly, that the bloom of the rainbow
Clouds covered, where will you go now?

If you go now, beautiful as a Cyclamen
Your love will fade away among the rocks
Another woman will look, how the hand of time picks
The flower of my youth which bloomed in your garden

Hebrew words

Gadi Bitton & friends dancing to Micha Bitton singing live

Natan Yehonatan
Micha Bitton
Micha Bitton
Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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