IMA (2)

Ima madu'a hakayitz chalaf
lamah noshrim he'alim
ima keitzad zeh sovev ha'olam
ech noldim yeladim.

Ima madu'a zeh yesh milchamot,
lamah rabim bnei adam
ima madu'a shotek elohim
ve'lo otzer ba'adam.

Ima, ho, ima
chabkini chazak
ule'olam lo nipared
ima otach hen ahavti michol
ima hashir lach hu ed.

Ima otach hen ahavti michol
gam im garamti tzarot
al ken po bashir kabli brachotai
ve'elef alfei todot.

Ima, ho, ima...


Mommy why did the summer pass
why do the leaves fall
Mommy how does the world turn
how are kids born?

Mommy why are there wars,
why are there many people
Mommy why is God silent
and doesn't stop their perpetuity.

Mommy, oh, Mommy
hug me strongly
and we'll never be separated
Mommy, you I loved most of all
Mommy this song is a witness to you.

Mommy, you I loved most of all
even if I caused troubles
indeed accept my blessing here in the song
and thousands of thousands of thanks.

Mommy, oh, Mommy...

Hebrew words

Shaike Paikov
Shaike Paikov
Shula Chen

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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