Tni li lechabek otach karov lalev
yesh li od harbeh milim lomar
lachibur itach yesh mashma'ut veyesh sibah
chaver nish'ar chaver lechol davar.

Az al tabiti le'achor
ki chaval al hakochot
he'atid male nisim venifla'ot
at zoheret k'mo kochav
kshe'ani habaitah shav
menashek otach yamim vegam leilot.

Kshe'at tzocheket
gam halev sheli achshav tzochek itach
shtei einaich hak'tanot yafot kol kach
ve'achshav hakol mushlam
zeh sod hakesem ba'olam.

Afilu lashamaim
yesh safah mishelahem
bim'kom milim b'rakim vera'amim
vehageshem sheyored achshav
mamash brachah
na'uf k'mo she'afot hatziporim.

Im tistakli el he'atid
yesh prachim veyesh etzim
veha'ikar zeh she'anachnu merutzim
veyachol me'od lihyot
sheyihyu od mich'sholim
uveyachad neheneh mehachaim.

Kshe'at tzocheket...

Let me hug you close to your heart
I still have many words to say
there's a meaning to joining you and a reason
why a friend remains a friend over anything

So don't look back
because it's a waste of strength
the future is full of miracles and wonders
you shine like a star
when I return home
I kiss you day and night too.

When you're laughing
even my heart is laughing with you now
your small eyes are so pretty
and now everything's perfect
it's the secret of maginc in the world.

Even heavens
have a language of their own
instead of words there's lighting and thunder
and the rain that's coming down now
is indeed a blessing
we'll fly like birds fly.

If you look to the future
there are flowers and trees
and the main thing is that we are satisfied
and it can very much be
that there'll be obstacles
but together we'll enjoy life.

When you're laughing...

Hebrew words

David Zigman
Shmuel Elbaz
Eyal Golan
Metziut Acheret Track 9
Oren Shmuel

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
If you have the English translation please send it in by email
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