Im lo techaki li besofo shel hayom
Ti’hiyi chalom sha’a besha’a
Im telchi mimeni besofo shel davar
Ma shnish’ar yihiye chaser hashra’a

Im et ikvotayich lo eda lenachesh
Ani lochesh lach, yesh bi dim’a
Im telchi mimeni lesade shel acher
Lo avater lach ulay at to’a

Velalechet ze noten li ko’ach
Baleilot rak itach vehalev hu shelach
Velalechet ze noten et hako’ach, lo lihiyot shalem
Ani rotze

Im et ikvota’ich lo emtza le’olam
Ve’im kulam yagidu azov
Lo afsik lalechet bishvilech, ahava
Tihiyi krova yihiye lanu tov


If you will not wait for me at the end of the day
You will become a dream an hour at a time
If you will go from me eventually
What remains will be uninspiring

If I will not be able to guess your footsteps
I am whispering to you, there is a tear in me
If you will go from me to another’s field
I will not give you up in case you are mistaken

And to walk gives me strength
At night I am only with you and my heart is yours
And to walk gives me the power, not to be whole
I want

If I will not find your footsteps forever
And if everyone will tell me to leave it
I will not stop walking for you, Love
You will be near; it will be good for us both

Hebrew words


Meir Goldberg & Liran Danino
Liran Danino
Liran Danino
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Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Nurit Karol of London, UK.
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