Ma hen hamilim im lo shtikah
Tamid nosim itan leeretz rechokah
Migdal nofel, hagesher hu chaver
Leod gsharim, otam ata over lashav

Ma hem hagsharim im lo achshav?
Achshav veod achshav
Hu zman, holech vashav
Al ikvotav

Ma hu hasipur beyalkutchah?
Meat machar, meat hayom,
Ani mabit, afar veyahalom
Ze mitporer, vezeh mavrik pitom baor.

Ma hen hamilim - im lo lizkor
Etmol veod etmol,
Hazman sheyaavor itchah
Tamid holechet lefanecha shtikatchah.


What are words, if not silence
Always travelling with them to a far country
A tower falls down, the bridge is a friend
To more bridges the ones you cross in vain.

What are bridges if not the present?
In the present, now
It is time that comes and goes
Back through its tracks

What is the story in your backpack?
A bit of tomorrow, a bit of today
And your childhood
I look, ashes and a diamond
It crumbles and shines in the light.

What are words - if not remembering
Yesterday, and another one,
Time passes with you
Your silence always goes in front of you.

Hebrew words

Words are silence when you dont talk about the important things, running from reality. When your relationships fall apart you move to the next one. We always hope that we will build a tower forever, but when your world crumbles you prefer to stand on the bridge rather than rebuild it.
Special people see beyond words, beyond illusions and bring their truth to build their worlds.

Moshe Ben Shaul
Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Kobi Aflalo
Avi Levy

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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