MAH YIHYEH - Zehava Ben

Mah yihiyeh?
Mah yihiyeh? Hi oto sha’alah
Ru’ach kadim nashvah la
Hachom alah
Mah yihiyeh?
Mah yihiyeh? Hu otah az sha’al
Eretz gdolah bachtah la
Hachom tzalal
Az mah?
Az mah yihiyeh sofenu kan bichlal?
Hen hachayim kashim
Hem ke’admat trashim
Az mah?
Az mah yihiye sofenu ha’umlal
Kan bein sil’ey hahar
Bein hamatok lamar?
Mah yihiyeh?
Mah yihiyeh, elohim hanorah?
Ko atzuvim chayenu
Ubochim marah
Ma yihiyeh?
Ma yihiyeh, elohim? Terachem
Bo hitpalel aleinu


What will be?
What will be? She asked him
An easterly wind blew towards her
The heat rose
What will be?
What will be? He then asked her
A great land cried for her
The heat waned
So, what?
So, what will our end be here anyway?
For life is hard
Like rocky ground
So, what?
So, what will be our miserable end
Here amidst the mountain rock
Between bitter and sweet?
What will be?
Almighty God, what will be?
Our lives are so sad
Our cry is bitter
What will be?
Oh Lord, what will be? Have mercy on us
Come, pray for us
Console us


îä éäéä?

Hebrew words

Mizrahi music - Muzika Mizrahit

Avihu Medina
Avihu Medina
Zehava Ben
Buddha Bar 1 Track 5

Words transliterated and translated by Anthony Connor of Hull, United Kingdom.
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