Roni, at omeret
shehakol nigmar
ve'at mitz'taeret
ein lach mah lomar
lifnei she'at ozevet
nishmetet miyadi
klaf no'ash ez'rok lach
Roni al telchi.

Roni, al telchi,
hashemesh lo tiz'rach alai
kshe'at lo leyadi
Roni, al telchi,
ani pashut rotzeh otach iti.

Roni, bil'adaich
ein li shum kivun
aflig bein mich'tavaich
shikor al hasipun
lo rotzeh kol erev
latzet velechapes
tar'gum beguf acheret
tni li mah sheyesh.

Roni, al telchi...

Roni, yesh bateva
rega shel atz'vut
ach al titni larega
lahafoch lemetzi'ut.

Roni, al telchi...

Roni, you say
that everything is finished
and you are regretful
you have nothing to say
before you leave
you are left out from my hand
I'll throw a desperate card out to you
Roni, don't go.

Roni, don't go,
the sun won't shine upon me
when you're not beside me
Roni, don't go,
I simply want you with me.

Roni, without you
I have no direction
I'll sail between your letters
drunk on the ship's deck
I don't want each evening
to go out and search
for a meaning in another body
give me what there is.

Roni, don't go...

Roni, there is in nature
a moment of sadness
but don't let the moment
to turn into reality.

Roni, don't go...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Danny Sanderson
Danny Sanderson
Tzadok Yaniv
Reuven Erez
Tzachi Ite'ach

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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