Shuv baderech el Yerushalayim, shetach esh
Ani metzitz basha’on, uchvar reva leshesh
Bachutz anashim kvar ibdu et hahigayon
Gam ani be’erech, az ani holech

Vehachom hazeh shel August adayin
Mazkir li tashir
Sheshama’anu barechev shelach bishnot hatish’im
Anashim tzo’akim mehabastot le’evri
Az ani holech.....holech....

Uchshe’agi’a besof hayom, elayich
Enayich hachumot shuv yechaychu elai
Yeled basimta’ot shom’ea shir
Uvaradio mishehi shara

Wallak inta kuli wayeniya chobi
El uli warda alekum waeniya kfaya
Wallak inta kuli wayeniya chobi
Alekum ya salam
Alekum ya salam

Shuv baderech el Yerushalayim, shetach esh
Imahot levushot beshachor, mafginot baderech
Anashim pochadim la’alot al harakavot
Metzi’ut ko’evet, az ani holech.....

Uchshe’agi’a besof hayom....

Wallak inta kuli....

Uchshe’agi’a besof hayom....


Again on the way to Jerusalem, Fire Area
I look at my watch; it is already quarter to six
Outside people lost their rationality
Just like me, so I leave

This August heat is still on
Reminds me of the song (Shlomo Artzi song)
That we listened to in the car in the 90’s
People scream at me from the stalls
So I leave....I leave

When I come to you at the end of the day
Your brown eyes will smile at me
A child in the alleys listens to a song
And in the radio a woman sings

You are part of me, my eyes
My great love, flowers to you
Without you, a part of me, my eyes
My great love
Peace on you
Peace on you

Again on the way to Jerusalem, Fire Area
Mothers dressed in black, demonstrate on the roads
People are scared to board the trains
Painful reality, so I leave

When I come to you...

You are part of me...

When I come to you...


ùèç àù

Hebrew words

The song is from Harel Moyal's fifth’s album “Shuv” . It was released as his second single from the album.
The song was inspired by his fortnightly trips from Gedera where he lives with his family, to see his parents, who still live in Jerusalem where he was born. It is a nostalgic vision of how Jerusalem is today compared to his youth.

Harel Moyal
Harel Moyal
Harel Moyal
Yaron Ben Simhon
View Yaron Ben Simhon teaching the dance

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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