Makom katan al sfat hayam ve'anachnu kan
makom katan, mutash kol kach vecham.
Hineh od lailah machshich et ha'olam
ha'im ned'a lehitorer bazman?

Hakol kadosh, kim'at nadush vechulam achim
hakol nachon ve'ech kulam tzodkim
hineh od lailah yored al ha'olam
ulai haboker k'tzat yach'soch badam.

Tir'i oti - ani kan chay
tir'i oti ulai
netzarev bachom,
ba'aretz shel terror ud'vash - vadai.
Ein matzav she'otach e'ezov
tavtichi li k'tzat tov
sheyesh sikui, ve'hu karov,
rotzeh rak le'ehov.

Makom katan, am mul am,
bli keshet be'anan
tir'i otanu - tir'i otam, ein zman.
Ve'im halailah bakochavim mu'ar
az lamah lechakot ad lamachar?

Tir'i oti...

Hanevi'im shelach mizman lo mitnav'im
tni lanu pashut lichyot t'achaim.

Tir'i oti...

A small place on the seashore and we're herea small place to abandoned and warm.
Here another night darkens the world
will we know to wake up on time?

All is sacred, almost threshed and all are brothers
everything is correct, and how everyone is right
here another night comes down onto the world
maybe the morning will save a bit of blood.

See me - I live here
see me perhaps
we'll burn in the dark,
in the land of terror and honey - surely.
There's no way that I'd leave you
promise me a little bit of good
that there's a near possibility,
I want only to love.

A small place, nation up against a nation,
without a rainbow in the clouds
see us - see them, there's no time.
And if the night is lit up in the stars
so why wait until tomorrow?

See me...

Your prophets no longer prophesy for some time
let us simply live our lives.

See me...

Hebrew words

A. Brazulik (vardi)
Rami Kleinstein
Rami Kleinstein
Various Sides CD 1 Track 2
Rafi Ziv 2005
Demonstrated by Rafi Ziv

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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