Lir'ot mah ani margish alayich
Kamah shavu'ot acharei hasichah ha'achronah
Mah ani rotseh mimech
Ani margish she'at gedolah ala'y
Yafa ve'eromah bete'atron rusi
Eich she'ani son'e otach kacha

Lo haya li tov kshe'hayit iti
At rechokah milihyot k'tsat sheket bishvili

Ani ko'es u'mekaveh shetichashli
Shetamshichi lir'od ulefached mishiga'on
Amen, tish'ari levad lanetsach

Mah zeh nikra lo lirtstot lihyot iti
Me'od kasheh po kol halevad hazeh, oy va voy li.

Yesh li lachatz b'oznayim
Vesratim kchulim barosh
Yesh li arak vepsanter
Ve'ein li ahava beyntayim


To see what I feel about you
A few weeks after the last conversation
What do I want from you
I feel that youre bigger than me
Beautiful and naked in the Russian theatre
How I hate you like that

It wasnt good for me when you were with me
Youre far from being a little silence for me

Im angry and hope youll fail
That youll keep shaking and fearing insanity
Amen, stay alone forever

What do you call not wanting to be with me
Its very hard here, all this aloneness, oy va voy for me.

I have tension in my years
And porn films in my head
I have arak and a piano
And Ive got no love in the meantime


Hebrew words

Aviatar Banai
Aviatar Banai
Aviatar Banai

Words transliterated and translated by Mike Nasielski of Sydney, Australia.
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