To see what I feel towards you
A few weeks after the last conversation
What do I want from you?
I feel that you're greater than me
Beautiful and naked in the Russian theatre
How I hate you like that

It wasn't good for me when you were with me
You're far from being a little quiet for me

I get angry and hope that you fail
That you'll continue to tremble and fear insanity
Amen, stay alone forever

What's it called, not wanting to be with me?
It's very difficult here all this "alone", oy va-voy for me

I have pressure in my ears
And porno movies* in my head
I have arak and a piano
And I don't have any love in the meantime

*Literally "blue movies" -
a Hebrew term for pornography.


תיאטרון רוסי

Hebrew words

Eviatar Banai became religious in the 2000s, and subsequently was uncomfortable continuing to perform many of his earlier songs which had explicit or immodest lyrics, this one among them.

Beginning circa 2015, Eviatar did a number of joint performances with the decidedly secular Aviv Gefen, and for a number of the early Eviatar songs, he played the piano while Aviv sang the lyrics. Aviv did some great live covers of this song.

What amazed me, was to stumble across a live 2014 performance by Eviatar himself of this song! YouTube link is below.
Original Album Version
Live Performance by Eviatar Banai at Barbi Tel Aviv (22.5.2014)
Live Collaboration with Aviv Gefen (Voice) & Eviatar Banai (Piano) at Binyamini Amphi, 25 May 2015

Eviatar Banai
Eviatar Banai
Eviatar Banai
Eviatar Banai (Self-Titled) 1997 Track 9

Words translated by Mike Ramyan of Sydney, Australia.
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