134:1 A Song of Ascents. Behold, bless ye the Lord, all ye servants of the Lord, that stand in the house of the Lord in the night seasons.

134:2 Lift up your hands to the sanctuary, and bless ye the Lord.

134:3 the Lord bless thee out of Zion; even He that made heaven and earth.

Hebrew Transliteration

134:1 shiyr hamma`aloth hinnêh bârakhu 'eth-Adonaykol-`abhdhêy Adonay hâ`omedhiym bebhêyth-Adonay ballêyloth

134:2 se'u-yedhêkhem qodhesh ubhârakhu 'eth-Adonay

134:3 yebhârekhkhaAdonay mitsiyyon `osêh shâmayim vâ'ârets

This version of the psalms is from the Jewish Publication Society (JPS),
a translation of the Hebrew Bible published in 1917.

The text is in the public domain.

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