At cheruti shamarti li otach kemo kochav basa'ar
At cheruti azart li la'amod bechol ke'ev vatza'ar
Velitzod bedarchey gorali ad tavo gam alai hashalechet
Velirkom chalomot al karney halvana velalechet lalechet

At cheruti lema'an retzonech et shvuati hefarti
At cheruti lishmor briti itach et chultzati macharti
Savalti harbei veka'avti bli dai bema'an emun ki titeni
Natashti artzi vetovey yedidai veshelach rak hineni

At cheruti horet li levater al tafnukim venoam
At cheruti limadt et libi gam bivdidut lismoach
At shelimadt oti lechyech lemare harpatka shechalfa la
Lelakek et ptza'ai bamistor velakum velalechet halah

At cheruti belayla kar echad hefarti et britenu
Kach levadi arakti mehashvil alav pasanu shenenu
Bagadeti bach cheruti hatova el hakele pasati betza'ar
El hakele hacham asher shmo ahava ne'esafti kmo na'ar
Vesoheret yafa bitnua rechava na'ala et hasha'ar

You are my freedom I preserved you in me like a star in the storm
You are my freedom you helped me to stand every sorrow every pain
To walk in the paths of my destiny until I will be like a tree in the fall
And to dream under the moon beams and to keep on walking

You are my freedom I broke my promise to you for you
You are my freedom I sold my shirt to keep my pact with you
I have suffered and hurt a lot for you to trust me
I left my country and the best of my friends and I am only yours

You are my freedom you told me to give up the good life
You are my freedom you taught my heart to be happy when I was lonely
You taught me to smile in front of an opportunity that passed by
To lick my wounds in hiding and to get up and keep on going

You are my freedom - on one cold night I broke my promise to you
And alone I deserted the path we both walked together
I have betrayed you my good freedom and walked to prison with sadness
To the warm jail that is called love I was taken like a boy
And a beautiful warder with her hand widely locked the gate


Words in Hebrew & Russian

LYRICS Yehoram Tehar Lev   
MUSIC George Mustaki
SINGER Chava Alberstein
CD Alberstein Live  - Behofa'a Chaya   Track 14



Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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