Yesh lach shem shel yama ve'at Kineret
at malkat haGolan ve'en lach keter
Enayich hayafot ketzeva hayama
at chama kashemesh hayokedet
At zricha vegam shkia lo brura velo muvenet
Lifamim at machlisha lifamim at mechazeket
At ma'agar shel nugudim
at yam suf veyam Kineret

At Kineret shel shem at Kineret
shel adam at yafa kenof hamedina
Meuchedet vero'eshet shketa vegam shotzefet
at Kineret nehederet le'olam

Yesh lach shem shel yama veat Kineret
at ktana bamdina vegam so'eret
Panayich harakot marchikot umekarvot
kashe itach uvila'adayich
Shavririt ma'atzima lo knua velo nishletet
Le'itim at mar'ifa le'itim at menukeret
At ma'agar shel nigudim at yafa ve'en acheret

At Kineret….

You have a name of a lake and you are the Sea of Galilee
You are the queen of the Golan Heights with no crown
Your beautiful eyes like the lake
you are hot like the burning sun
You are sunrise and sunset not clear not understandable
Some times you make us stronger some times weaker
You are an abundance of contrasts
you are the Red Sea and the Sea of Galilee

You are the Sea of Galilee by name
and for man kind You are beautiful like the rest of Israel
Unique noisy quiet and stormy
you are the magnificent Sea of Galilee for ever

You have a name of a lake
you are small and wild as well like Israel
Your soft face bring us closer and away from you
it is hard with you and without
Fragile empowers not giving in uncontrollable
Some times you give a generously and some times you don't know us
You are an abundance of contrasts
you are beautiful and no one else is like you

You are the Sea of Galilee.............



MUSIC Limor Chashai
SINGER Bar Cohen



Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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