Yom rishon baboker ve’ata omer li,
Kama tov lehitorer kan letzidech.

Shemesh melatefet ben hatrisim u-
vli siba muchedet ba li lechayech

Kumi kumi mami, kach ata omer li

Numi numi od enayich atzumot

Veharadio mekashkesh bisfat hakodesh

Al ha'omes sheben rishon leganot

Shir katan mitnagen baboker
As the day begins  - shir muar.

Od daka chadashot nekave sheze beseder

Good morning good morning

Tishmei hechlateti – kach ata omer li

Ani ve’at nos’im velo la’avoda


Ulai nivkok et hamiflas al haKineret

O bishvil shoko nitgalgel ad Yotveta


Chorus: Shir katan….


Boi nikach et haCharade hameubeket

Ga’aguim od dvukim al hashimsha

Nisa le’at ki hahistoria lefanin

Ma yetze lanu im na’akof ota

Chorus: Shir katan….

Sunday morning and you tell me
how good it is to wake up beside you,

The sun fondles the blinds and -
with no special reason I feel like smiling

Get up - get up darling you tell me,
sleep, sleep, your eyes are still closed,

And the radio chatters  in the holy language (Hebrew)

About the load of cars between places

A little song plays in the morning
as the day begins - a bright song
In a minute we'll hear the news, lets hope it will be good news


Listen, you tell me, I have decided that
you and I are going but not to work


Maybe we’ll check the level of the water in the Sea of Galilee
(in the North of Israel)

Or for a small chocolate drink we’ll roll to Yotveta
(a kibutz in Israel's South next to Eilat.
Very famous for its dairy products)


Let's take the dusty Charade,
longings are still glued to the windscreen

We will drive slowly because history is in front of us
What will we have out of overtaking it.


From the Jewish Music dot com website

LYRICS Achinoam Nini & Gil Dor
MUSIC Achinoam Nini & Gil Dor
SINGER Achinoam Nini  (Noa)

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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