Mi hashomeret besheket et derech ha'ahava
Mi hachoderet kir even venotenet becha tikva
Eretz umayim biyaf hi overet, ge'a kula
Of hashamyim, kol halayil, nose kola

Cheruti - kmo haruach chofshiya,
cheruti - hi almavet hi chaya
Dim'ata - ketzilo shel yom koder,
nishmata - hi lapid bo'er
Cheruti - hi bavat eini ka'et
sgor ota vehi timalet

Ein la mano'ach me'ele asher mevakshim nafsha
Yesh la od ko'ach, lo, hem lo yiru'a beyeusha
Eretz umayim chotza bli margo'a pgu'a kula
Of hashamyim ko halyil yisa kola


Who keeps quietly the way of love?
Who breaks through a stone wall and gives you hope?
Full of pride It flies over earth and water,
The birds in the sky will carry it's voice through the night.

My freedom is free as the wind,
My freedom - it is immortality, it is living,
Its' tear is like a shadow of dark day
Its' soul is like a burning torch
It is now the apple of my eye
if you lock it up it will run away

The ones that want to get it don't let it rest
It is strong and you will not see it desperate
It will cross land and water without rest, lightly hurt
The birds in the sky will carry its voice



LYRICS Shimrit Or and A. Bano
MUSIC Y. Nisimov and B Fridland
SINGER Doron Mazar

The words to this song were transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

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