Pakachti et enai haya az chodesh shvat
Raiti me'alai tzipor ktana achat
Utchelet ahshamyim veanan yachid
Vera'iti et hahar hahyarok tamid

Hahar hayarok kol yemot hashana
Ani od cholem vesho'el
Linshom ruchotecha kevarishona
Lishkav betzilcha Carmel

Bemischakey yaldut kaley hashikaron
Radafti parparim haechlakti bamidron
Ve'et chipasti li mistor lelev tamim
Az barachti el hahar hayarok tamid

Hahar hayarok...

Halachnu latzava gdolim unveochim
Mitoch hamilchamot chazarnu ke'achim
Havenu al kapayim re'a veyadid
Venifradnu mul hahar hayarok tamid

Viyladenu kvar hayom hem alamim
Horenu se'aram hilbin merov yamim
Ach tze'irim niheye kol boker
Et nabit el achinu el hahar hayarok tamid

I opened my eyes, it was back in Feb,
I saw one small bird above me

I saw the blue sky a single cloud
and the evergreen mountain

This mountain is green in all the seasons,
I still dream and ask to

Breathe your air
and lie in your shadow Mount Carmel

In all our mischievous childhood games
I chased butterflies and skidded down the hills
And when I looked for a hiding place to my innocent heart
I ran away to the evergreen mountain

This mountain is green in all the seasons....................

We went to the army we were big but naïve

Came back from the wars as brothers
We carried on our hand friends
We said good bye in front of the evergreen mountain

Our kids now are men
Our parents' hair is white
But we will still feel young every morning
When we look at our brother - the evergreen mountain


Lyrics in Hebrew
LYRICS Yoram Teharlev
MUSIC Moni Amarilyo
SINGER Rouhama Raz
CD The Best Of Rouhama Raz   Track 2

Words transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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