Ayefut bilti musberet,
Pik birkayim lo muvan.
Zo sha'ah she'lo chozeret l'olam - aval...
B'libchah, atah yodei'ah
Shemei'eiver lapinah
Ahavah chadashah mamtinah.

Acharei hachagim yitchadesh hakol.
Yitchadshu v'yashuvu y'mei hachol.
Ha'avir, he'afar, hamatar, v'ha'esh -
Gam atah, gam atah, titchadesh.

B'gancha porchim l'fetah
B'irbuviya gmurah
Etz hachalomot
v'etz hada'at tov v'rah.
Histakel al kalecha
Shehisharta b'chatzer -
Hapatish, hasulam, hamader.


B'masah shelo nigmar
Bein s'dot hatzel us'dot ha'or,
Yesh n'tiv shelo avartah,
V'she ta'avor.
Sh'on hachol, sh'ol chayecha
M'otet l'chah achshav....lamed daled,
lamed hei, lamed vav....

Unexplained tiredness,
Trembling in the knees, not understood.
This is an hour that will never return - but...
In your heart, you surely know
That just around the corner
New love waits.....

After the holidays, everything will be renewed.
Ordinary days will return, renewed.
The air, the earth, the rain and the fire -
Also you, you too, will be renewed.

In your garden there suddenly blooms
In total confusion -
The tree of dreams
And the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
Look over the tools
Which you left out in the yard...
The hammer, the ladder, the hoe......


In an unending journey
Between the fields of shadow and the fields
of light,
There is a path you have not traveled
And which you will travel.
The hourglass, the clock of your lifetime,
Signals to you now - 34, 35, 36.....*


Interpreter's note:
* I interpret 34, 35, 36 (lamed daled, lamed hei, lamed vav)
to mean years in one's life. Does anyone else have a different idea?

LYRICS Naomi Shemer
MUSIC Naomi Shemer
SINGER Ofra Haza on the record "Adama"

Words transliterated and translated by
Malka Tischler of New York

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