Ani holech livkot lecha tihyeh chazak lema-ala
Ga'aguai kmo dlatot sheniftachot balaila

lanetzach achi ezkor otcha tamid
Venipagesh basof ata yode-ah
Veyesh li chaverim aval gam hem kavim
El mul orcha hameshage-ah

Ksheatzuvim holchim layam
Lachen hayam maluach
Veze atzuv shelehachzir tziud efshar
Lo ga-aguah
Lanetzach achi...

Uchmo hagalim anachnu mitnaptzim
El hamezach el hachayim

Lanetzach achi...

Az ani holech livkot lecha
Tihyeh chazak lema-ala.

I am going to cry for you, be strong up there
My longings are like doors opened at night.

Forever, my brother, I will always remember you
And at the end we will meet, you know,
I have other friends but they all fade away
Against your unbelievable light.

When we are sad we go to the sea, that's why the sea is salty
And it is very sad you can return equipment
But you can not return the longings.
Forever, my brother....

And like the waves we are getting smashed
Against the pier, against life.

So I am going to cry for you, be strong up there.

Forever, my brother, I will always remember you

So I'm going to cry for you,
be strong up there


Lanetzach Achi was written by singer songwriter Aviv Geffen in memory of his friend Nir Shpiener who was killed in a car crash in 1992 at the age of 18. Aviv and Nir used to play music together.
Nir’s cousin is a friend of my son on our Moshav. Although it must be at least ten years ago, I remember how saddened we all were when we heard the tragic news.
Nir’s mother has broadcast warnings on public radio to young drivers to take more care, telling Nir’s story.
Afterwards the song was adopted by others as it fitted the premature death of many young soldiers -
and when Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, it took on yet another meaning.
Since Aviv Geffen sang the song at a memorial for Rabin, it has become definitively his.
Pamela Levene, Moshav Tal Shachar, Israel
Aviv Geffen is one of Israel's top songwriters and singers and is the young generation's idol although he has a lot of followers among the older generations. Aviv made a lot of waves in the early 1990's when he refused to serve in the army and started to write protest songs.
This song became an anthem for all the young soldiers who were being getting killed in south Lebanon,
and quite often is read by their friends on their fresh graves.
Translator Chana Shuvaly, Melbourne
LYRICS Aviv Geffen
MUSIC Aviv Geffen
SINGER Arik Einstein
CD Rav Chovel - Anniversary of Rabin's passing    Disc 2 Track 6

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
English translation on Radio Hazak
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