Ani zocher adayin et haru'ach ben arbayim

Shepagashti bach velachashti lach milot ahava

Avru shanim bentayim ve'at nish'art kmo yayin

Hadavar hachi tov shecholmim le'ehov le'olam


Lema'anech, hakol bishvilech

Eten et kuli vechol ma sheyesh

Ohav et kulech, atur belibech

Amut bemotech, acharayich elech


Zocheret eich kol layil, chibaknu lashamayim

Vehivtachnu sham shenihye le'olam

Ad sof hayamim nivne lanu bayit

Gam yeled or enayim

Shechalamt le'echoz, sheratzit le'ehov kol hazman

I still remember the wind in the evening

When I met you, and whispered words of love to you

Years have passed and you preserved your self like wine

The best thing is to dream to love for ever


For you, every thing for you

I will give all of me, all I have

I will love all of you, I will be crowned in your heart

I will die when you do, I will follow you


Do you remembered how every night we hugs under the sky

And we promised we will be for ever

We will build a home, until the end of times

We will have a child, with light in it's eyes

A child you wanted to hold and love all the time


Hebrew words

The song was written for and dedicated to Nati Levi's wife

LYRICS Nati Levi
MUSIC Nati Levi
SINGER Nati Levi
CD The best of Nati Levi   Track 3


Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
Links from George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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