Hamabat shelcha kol kach kashuach
Hatmimut avra min haolam
Et hachalomot nas'a haruach
Veito gam kol haregesh ne'elam

Az ma yiheh 

Mitachtit habor haze
efshar la'a lot rak lemala

Yoter namuch kvar e efshar 

Az ma kvar nishar

Ma sheyiheh ze besof hamachazeh

Tzarich rak la'avor et halayla

Ki besofo od yesh machar

Lo yachol lihyot yoter garua

En bichlal makom yoter namuch

Yesh tchusha shehaolam kol kach garua

Veshebe'etzem ze bichlal olam hafuch, olam hafuch.

Az ma yiheh..

Your look is so hard-hearted,
There is no more innocence in the world.
The wind has taken all the dreams
And with them the feelings disappeared. 

So what will happen?

From the bottom of this hole
you can only go up

You can't go any lower.

At the end of this play

All just need to pass this night 

At the end of the night
there is still tomorrow.


It can't be worse, 

There is no lower place,

There is a feeling the world is a bad place,

Or may be it is an upside down world.

So what will happen?


SINGER Shlomit Aharon
LYRICS Ehud Manor
MUSIC Yeroslav Yakobovitch
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Jack Ochayon & Dudu Barzilay  2000
DANCE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO Demonstrated by Dudu Barzilay

Transliteratied and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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