Rachok rachok berosh ha'ar
hanesher hagadol shochen lo
Amok amok belev ha'ar
hodov ha'anaki yashen lo
Lechol chaya mekom mistor meruchot
me'esh min ha'adam
Verak ani aeini motzet machbo
vesheket baolam

Gam latzipor hachi ktana
yesh ezo derech metuchkemet
Lehimalet misakana
vehi lefeta be'elemet
Lanemala yesh sedek dak
lashafan nakik bein hasla'im
Lachafarperet mechila raka
velazikit tzvaim

Bachalomot sheli ani roa otcha
kshe'etorer ani bli shum safek emtza otcha
Ve'etzlecha emtza machbo mushlam
shalva vesheket leolam
Ken etzlecha emtza machbo mushlam
unenucha min haolam

Achshav barur li lo yoilu mearot velo tzukim
gdolim o mechilot smuyot
Rak ahava tova tagen alai
tishmor alai misakanot

Far away on top of the mountain
lives the big eagle
Deep in the mountain
sleeps the giant bear
Every animal has a hiding place
from winds fire and from mankind
Only I can't find a hiding place
and peace and quite in the world

Even the tiniest bird
has a smart way
to run away from danger
and disappear
The ant has a small crack
the rabbit has a cleft among the rocks
The mole has a soft tunnel
and the Zikit has plenty of colors

I see you in my dreams
when I wake up I will no doubt find you
With you I will find a perfect hiding place
peace and quite for ever
Yes with you I will find a perfect hiding place
and rest form the world

Now it is clear caves will not do for me
nor big cliffs or hidden tunnels
Only good love will protect me
and guard me from dangers



LYRICS Chava Alberstein
MUSIC Chava Alberstein
SINGER Glykeria
CD Glykeria & the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra  Track 8
Chava Alberstein on Collection - Adaber Itach  Track 2



Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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