Amok amok betoch halev
tof po'em ben chaliley ha'etzev

Hakshivi tov targishi et halev
hametofef lach besimchat haketzev

Hakshivi tov lemanginat hayam
kemanginat halev

Lo nifseket mitchazeket
marchika et hake'ev

Ve'im at levadech bachashecha
tirkedi tirkedi

Ahavatech kavta bach meahchsav
tirkedi tirkedi

Haketzev chai chofshi umitchadesh
tirkedi tirkedi

Anachnu et hapachad negaresh
tirkedi tirkedi

Deep inside the heart
a drum beats among the sadness' flutes

Listen well feel the heart
that plays for you in a happy rhythm

Listen well to the melody of the sea
like the melody of the heart

Doesn't stop gets stronger
chases away the  pain

And if you are alone in the dark
dance, dance

Your love has died in you
dance, dance

The rhythm is alive free and renews itself
dance, dance

We will chase the fear away
dance, dance


LYRICS Dindin Aviv
MUSIC Dindin Aviv
SINGER Dindin Aviv
DANCE VIDEO Demonstrated by Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
Portugese translation by Helena Zins of Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Portugese translation
Fundo, fundo dentro do coração
bate um tambor por entre a tristeza das flautas
Preste atenção, sinta com o coração
tocam prá você num ritmo alegre
Preste atenção na melodia do mar
que se parece com a do coração
Não pare, persista firmemente
em expulsar a dor.

E se estiver sozinho no escuro
dance, dance
Se seu amor morreu em você
dance, dance
O ritmo está vivo, livre e se renova
dance, dance
Expulsaremos a dor
dance, dance

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