Kol hayom hayiti kacha
lo leka'an velo lesham

Histakalti el hashemesh
verai'iti rak anan

Az chaver sheli higiah
ve'hirgashti nehadar

K'she hibit li ba eynayim
kmo beseret metzuyar


Yosi Yosi Yosi Yosi

Bo nesher ve medaber

Yosi Yosi Yosi

Eizeh yosi shel chaver


Lo omrim li boi'I habayta

Tistalki or titlabshi

Vehadoda lo menasheket

Veratur al hapanim

Hachaver sheli hu yofi

Hu chaver al be'emet

Aval hu be kita gimel

Va'ani olah lebet




Kshe ani vehu beyachad

Shum davar eino metzik

Im ani ktzat metzurachat

Hu yodeah lehatzchik

Mesachkim bemin tofeset

Veratzim im ha klavim

Al ha desheh mistoveret

Mamterah u mitratvim


Chorus x 2

The whole day I was
neither here nor there

I looked at the sun
and I only saw clouds

So a friend of mine arrived
and I felt great

When he looked into my eyes
it was like in a comic book


Yosi Yosi Yosi Yosi
come and sit and talk

Yosi Yosi Yosi Yosi
what a wonderful friend


No one tells me come on home,
go away or get dressed

And the aunt doesn't kiss me
wetly on the cheek

My friend is wonderful,
he is a true friend

But he is in grade three
and I am only in grade two




When he and I are together,
nothing bothers us

If I am a little upset,
he knows how to make me laugh

Playing a kind of chasey
and running with the dogs

On the grass
a sprinkler is turning and we get wet


Chorus x2



Hebrew words

LYRICS Yehonatan Gefen
MUSIC Yoni Rechter
SINGER Yehudit Ravitz
CD Greatest Hits 1   Track 12


DANCE VIDEO Dance demonstrated by Robin Starr and Sharonna Brott

English translation by Anat Me'iri of Melbourne, Australia. Sent in by Robin Starr.
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