Shochev al hamita ba'ohel,
bohe bitmunatech shelealai,

Haradio menagen kmo pa'am
shirim shel ahava likrat shabat.

Yatzati mimiklachat
hotzeti mehatik et hatriko halevana hachagigit

Hashemesh shoka'at
od meat nadlik nerot lichvod shabat harevi'it.

Kvar chodesh biladayich, lo rotze,
ach hadmaot kvar martivot et hamilim.

Kvar chodesh biladayich, kol kach mitga'agea
cholem et shnenu yachad yad beyad
ratzim bachof kmo yeladim.

Lel shabat chadar ha'ochel
chozer mehashmira veholech lishon,

Cholem al ima mevashelet,
aba shar noten kolo ose kidush,

Ve'at betoch chadrech bevigdey shabat enayich atzuvot at bodeda,

Chishvi al ahuvech hashav elayich,
nesicha sheli mitoch ha'agada.

Kvar chodesh..............

Shemesh shel shabat zorachat,
shvil avak ben ohalim rekim,

Zug yonim sham bashamayim
meofef el ha'ananim.

Lying on my bed in the tent,
staring at your picture above me,

The radio is playing a medley
of love songs for Shabbat.

I came out of the shower,
took out of my bag my best white t-shirt,

Soon the sun will set,
and we will light the fourth Sabbat candles.

One month without you, I don't want it
but the tears wet the words.

One month without you, I miss you so much;
I dream of the two of us hand in hand
running on the beach, just like kids.

Friday night, the dining room,
I come back from my guard shift and go to sleep.

I dream of mum cooking
and dad sings and makes the Kidush.

And you are in your room wearing Shabbat clothes, your eyes are sad, you are lonely,

Think of your lover coming back to you,
my princess from the tales.

One month......

A Shabat sun is shining,
a dusty road between empty tents,

A couple of doves in the sky,
flying into the clouds.


LYRICS Boaz Sharabi & & Eicha Zohar
MUSIC Boaz Sharabi
SINGER Boaz Sharabi
Kshe'at Noga'at Bi - Track 4
From the Mostly website
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Yaron Malichi   1998

Words transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

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