Gavriel - ma ata sho'el?
Hen teida sh'vilei shamayim
Bo elai, tovim hashnayim
Kawl kanfot tevel
Hanoshkim im redet laila
K'she'ata over l'ma'la - Gavriel

Mal'ach m'tayel bashamayim
Mal'ach m'vakesh kochavim
Lir'ot hu rotzeh
Hakalu hamayim
Lana'ar hazeh hitpalalti - Gavriel
Lalaila hazeh chikiti - Gavriel!

Gavriel, im Elo-him noel
Sh'arav shel gan ha'eden
Red elai, mal'ach mikedem
Od notar hatzel
G'limatcha poreset erev
V'nishma tzichtzu'ach cherev - Gavriel

Gavriel, na'ar mitpalel
Et tomar shirat shamayim
Al tishkach shirat hashnayim

Gavriel, what do you ask
Behold, you know the paths of the sky
Come to me, it's good when two are together Gavriel
All the ends of the earth
Touch at nightfall
As you pass overhead - Gavriel

Angel travelling through the heavens
Angel seeking the stars
He wants to see
If the waters have abated*
For this boy, I prayed - Gavriel
For this night, I waited - Gavriel!

Gavriel, if God should lock
The gates of the Garden of Eden
Come down to me, angel of ancient times Gavriel
The shadow still remains
Your cloak spreads the evening
And a clash of swords is heard - Gavriel

Gavriel, praying boy
While you say the poetry (prayers) of heaven
Don't forget the poetry of two (people)**

Translators note:
* these words appear in the story of Noah,
who sent out a dove to see if the waters had abated.

I wonder if the angel Gabriel is associated with the flood,
and if the other words in the song about the angel come from Jewish legends or teachings.
If anyone knows, please feel free to send your comments.

** In the Hebrew there's a play on words & rhyme -
shirat shamayim (poetry/prayer of heaven) vs. shirat hashnayim (poetry of two)

Click here for the pdf file of the words in Hebrew

LYRICS Shmuel Kroll
MUSIC Tzvika Pik
SINGER OFRA HAZA on the album
Pitu'im (Temptations)

The words to this song were transliterated and translated by

Malka Tischler of New York

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