(said to a male)


Otcha, sho'el halev, umetzape lir'ot
Otcha, ani cholemet yom valeil, ani rotza otcha
Otcha, uchedome mitoch ha'arpilim, otcha
Ha'im tizkor ruchot hastav, asher litfu otcha

Otcha ani zocheret yom valeil
Otcha libi sho'el umitpalel
Otcha hu me'abed velo chadel, otcha
Otcha ani cholemet od lir'ot

Otcha, gam im chalfu yamim me'ot
Otcha le'echoz bayad, u'lehegot, otcha
Otcha linshom min haprachim, otcha, min hashechar, otcha
Mitoch hatzuf, mitoch hadvash, min hamtikut, otcha

Otcha uchedomeh mitoch ha'arpilim, velo notar li
Ela chalomi, lir'ot otcha

Repeat chorus

You, the heart asks and expects to see
You, I dream day and night, I want you
You, and as if from the fog,
Will you remember autumn winds that fondled you?  

I remember you day and night,
my heart asks and prays for you
It loses you and doesn't stop
I still dream of seeing you,

even if hundreds of days have passed
To hold your hand, say your name, you
To breathe you from the flowers, from the alcohol, you
From the nectar, from the honey, from the sweetness, you

And as if from the fog, only the dream is left for me
The dream to see you


LYRICS Shayke Faikov
MUSIC Shayke Faikov
SINGER Ilana Avital
CD The Golden Hits  Track 3

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

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