Kmo Cinderella  

Ani lo Sinderela
Shmi lo shilgi'ah
Kol hassipurim shelchah
Lo shavim shniah

Lo bikashti melech
She yavtiach armonot
Ve oti bekessef lo tuchal,
Lo tuchal liknot

Al tikra li snobit
Ki ani lo mitnasset
Lo lokachat kol
Ma she ani motzet

Rotzah bachur nechmad
Litz'od ito la'ad
Latet lo yad
Litz'od ito la'ad

Elef pa'am margishah
Kmo sfinah trufah
Shata li levad
Umisvivi hakol sufah

Sah mikan habibi
Lech timitzah et atzmechah
Ani lo choshevet she heivanti
Et harosh shelchah


I'm not Cinderella
My name isn't Snow White
All your fairy tales
Don't deserve a second (of my time)

I didn't ask for a king
Who might promise castles
And with money
Can't buy myself

Don't call me a snob
Because I don't show up
I don't take everything
that I find

I want a nice guy
To walk with him forever
Give him my hand
Walk with him forever

A thousand times I feel
Like a lost boat over the sea
Let me sail alone
And around me everything is a storm

Get out, mate,
Go and find yourself
I don't think I've understood
what's in your head.



Hebrew words

MUSIC Yosi Ben David
LYRICS David Zigman
SINGER Sarit Hadad
CD Kmo Cinderela - Like Cinderella    Track 1
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Words sent in by Henry Lederfeind of Sao Paulo, Brazil and
Stella Kaufman of Montreal, Canada
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