Kshehayeladim namim ze lo tamid
Shehem rotzim lishon
Hem lo rotzim lada'at
Ksheha'etzba'ot ovrot
Betoch sa'arotayich harakot
Hen rak rotzot laga'at

Hayiti pa'am yeled hasadeh
Af pa'am lo boche
Verotze hakol lishko'ach
Lir'ot et ha'esev shegadel
Ech nachal mitpatel
Uvetoch chalom lishko'a

Kshehamachshavot ovrot
Betachanot harosh mibli liztpor
Kmo mitoch kadachat
Shotef et hagvulot beken velo
Ani ro'ed mipachad

Hayiti pa'am....

Achshav ani levad
Ochez barega'im shenish'aru
She'od rotzim laga'at
Rachok min hasade
Ani od mechapes
Et hashvilim
She'az gila hana'ar

Hayiti pa'am...

When children are asleep It is not always
because they want to sleep
They don't want to know
When fingers go
through your soft hair
They just want to touch  

Once I was a childof the field
Never crying
and wanting to forget everything
To see the grass grow
How the river runs
And to sink in a dream

When the thoughts run
through the head's stations without blowing their horn
Like in a fever
a stream of not understood words
Washes the borders with yes and no
I shiver because I am scared

Once I was a childof the field..........

Now I am alone
I hold on to the moments I have left
The ones I still want to touch
Away from the field
I still look for
The roads
that were discovered by the boy

Once I was......


Hebrew words

LYRICS Gid'on Kafan
MUSIC Gid'on Kafan
SINGER Orna and Moshe Datz as well as Gid'on Kafan
CD Ata Belibi - You are in My Heart - Track 7


Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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