At habayit vehachom at hayofi vehatom
at chalom shekol echad rotzeh lach'lom balailah uvayom
at k'mo yayin meshaker k'mo barak shebi bo'er
va'ani miyom le'od yom she'over ohev otach yoter

Ad hasof lihyot shelach ani mavti'ach
k'mo hashemesh hachamah veharaki'a
ad hasof hishari ad hasof tamid iti
bechayay uvemoti

At ha'or shemelatef, she'af pa'am lo cholef
rak itach tamid ratziti lekayef uvach lehit'atef
at hanefesh hatovah ta'amini ahuvah
rak itach yad'ati mah zot ahavah muchan lehishava

Ad hasof...


You are the home and the warmth, you are beauty and pureness
You are a dream that everyone wants to dream, by day and night
You are like an intoxicating wine, like a lightning burning in me
And I love you even more as each day passes

Until the end I am yours, I promise
Like the hot sun and the sky
Until the end stay, until the end always with me
In my life and death

You are the caressing light, that never passes
You are the one I always wanted to have fun with and to cover
You are the good soul, believe me sweetheart
Only with you did I know what love is, I'm prepared to take an oath

Until the end...

Hebrew words

Alt. video

Doron Davidescu
Lior Farchi
Shlomi Shabat & Lior Farchi
Yaron Malihi

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Michael Trachtenberg of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
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