ANASHIM TOVIM - Rami Kleinstein


Lo tzarich lechapes mal’achim bashamyim
Hem mithalchim benenu al pney ha’adamah
Nog’im biktze ha’etzev, mastirim et haknafayim
Nos’im al gabehem tarmilim shel nechamah

Hem yod’im lehagi’a bidiyuk bazman
Laredet bizhirut bamadregot ha’afelot
Leharim sham et hameteg, litzbo’a belavan
Lifto’ach bemabat et hadlatot hane’ulot

Anashim tovim
Nish’aru od anashim tovim
Gam kshehashamyim ani’im bekochavim
Hem yishlechu elecha yad,
Hem yagi’u bimyuchad
Lehazkir lecha sheyesh od tov ba’olam
Hem yagi’u rak im ta’amin shehem sham

Lo tzarich lechapes mal’achim bashamyim
Hem mithalchim benenu, beini uvenchah
Hem yod’im eich lerapeh gam beko’ach ha’enayim
Lehovil et hake’ev el sdot hashichechah.

Anashim tovim.....

Ve’im Elohim nagah lecha barosh
Ve’im halev hazeh shelchah od lo hit’aver
Barega hanachon tedah mibli lachshosh
Lihyot mal’ach kazehbishvil mishehu acher.

You don’t need to look for angels in heaven
They walk between us on this earth
They touch the edge of sadness, hide their wings
Carry on their backs bags full of comfort.

They know to arrive on time
Walk carefully down dark stairs
Turn on the light, paint in white
Open closed doors with a glance

Good people
There are still good people
Even when the sky has a poverty of stars,
They will extend a hand,
They'll come especially
To remind you there is still good in the world
They will arrive if you only believe they exist.

You don’t need to look for angels in heaven
The walk among us, among me and you
They can heal with the power in their eyes
To lead the pain to the field of forgetting.

Good people....

And if God touched you on your head
And if this heart of yours hasn’t been blinded
At the right moment, you will know without fear
To be such an angel for another person.


ŕđůéí čĺáéí - řîé ÷ěéđůčééď

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No’am Chorev
Rami Kleinstein
Rami Kleinstein
Gadi Bitton and Revital Golan
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Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Translated for Gadi Bitton, HORA Israeli Dancing School, Melbourne, Australia, Camp 2016
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