Mah basach hakol ani rotzah
k'tzat ahavah
al tikneh li od matanot
mechapeset rak pinah chamah
etzlecha betoch haneshamah.

Im ata rotzeh oti kol kach
tihyeh ata
al tavti'ach li armonot
ani kvar lo yaldah velo t'mimah
az mah im kanita az mah.

Az mah im kanita li
az mah im heveta li
az mah im nanata li
az mah ani lo yaldah k'tanah
lo bikashti matanah
al tikneh li shum davar
rak ten li ahavah.

Lo rotzah mimcha od matanah
avrah shanah
va'ani margishah levad
baleilot ani lo yeshenah
yoshevet verak mit'anah.

Ata muchan liknot li kol davar
nimas li kvar
yesh hakol aval ein otcha
mevakeshet rak lihyot itcha
az mah kvar bikashti mimcha.

Az mah im kanita li...

What I want most all
is a little love
don't buy me more gifts
I am just looking for a warm corner
by you, inside your soul.

If you want me so much
be yourself
don't promise me palaces
I'm no longer a child and not naive
so what if you bought so what.

So what if you bought for me
so what if you brought for me
so what if you gave to me
so what I am not a little girl
I didn't ask for a present
don't buy me anything
just give me love.

I don't want from you any more gifts
a year has passed
and I feel alone
at night I do not sleep
I just sit and become tormented.

You're ready to buy me everything
I'm fed up already
I have everything but you
I just ask to be with you
so what I already asked from you.

So what if you bought for me...

Hebrew words


Asaf Lavi Tzanani
Asaf Lavi Tzanani
Margalit Tzanani
Avi Levy
Avi Levy

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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