Banu choshech legaresh,
beyadeinu or va'esh.
Kol echad hu or katan,
vekulanu or eitan.
Surah choshech, hal'ah sh'chor!
Surah mipnei ha'or!
Surah choshech, hal'ah sh'chor!
Surah mipnei ha'or!

Bati, bati, bati, bati legaresh t'achoshech
kol mas'a matchil betza'ad,
lo chashuv ha'orech
im tish'al oti mi yemalel g'vurot Yisrael
mi - yechanech t'ador haba? Kanir'eh ani
kachol lavan, magen-david magen alai tamid
yoshev babait, shuvcha leyonah, aleh shel zait
chomah vemigdal, achi hador haba gadel
well, hatzel vesabliminal omdim berosh hagal
nos'im lapidim beleilot afelim
lo chos'chim me'amatzim, lo chos'chim tze'adim
anachnu "smol-yamin" bein esh leshachor
lo na'atzor, od navi letzion ta'or.
Ken, David hefil et Goliat im even
yamim hu'ar beit hamikdash al kad shemen
2002 az kol Am Yisrael omed lehitached,
lakum veyiga'el.

Banu choshech legaresh...

Bati choshech legaresh,
lo choshesh, mishtamesh be'or, bass ve'esh
kochot ha'or mul kochot hash'chor
mi hatov? mi hara? kvar i efshar lizkor
lo otzrim beshum ramzor, lo noflim labor
kadimah "full speed" k'mo nahag shikor
ein me'atzorim ein le'an lach'zor
mistaklim lefanim, le'olam lo le'achor
ki mi alai yishmor mipnei haterror?
Lo rotzeh et hakor mechapes et ha'or
sheha'afor ya'avor vehashemesh tach'zor
vetizrach al kulanu veta'ir ta'ezor
ki "elohim sheli, ratziti sheted'a
chalom shechalamti balailah bamitah"
al shnei amim yad beyad verosh muram
shalom, salam, peace lekulam ba'olam.

Banu choshech legaresh...

We came to drive away the darkness
in our hands is light and fire.
Everyone's a small light,
and all of us are a firm light.
Fight darkness, further blackness!
Fight because of the light!
Fight darkness, further blackness!
Fight because of the light!

I came, came, came, to banish the darkness,
every journey stars with a step,
the length is not important,
if you ask me who will sing heroism of Israel
who - will teach the next generation? Seems me.
blue&white, shield-of-david always shields me
sitting at home, the return to dove, olive branch
wall and tower, bro, the next gen is growing
well, Tzel and Sab stand at the front of the wave
carrying flames on dark nights
not saving any efforts, not saving any steps
we are "righty-lefty" between fire and blackness
we won't stop, we'll yet bring the light to Zion.
Yes, David beat Goliath with a stone
the temple was lit for days on a jar of oil
2002 so all of the Am Israel is to unite,
to get up and get salvation.

We came to drive away the darkness...

I came to drive away the darkness,
not afraid, I use the light, bass and fire
the forces of light vs. the forces of blackness
who's good? who's evil? by now i can't remember
we won't stop at any light*, won't fall in the pit
forward "full speed" like a drunk driver
there are no brakes, nowhere to return
looking forward, never backwards
for who will guard me from the terror?
Don't want the coldness, searching for the light
so the gray will pass and the sun will return
and shine on all of us and light up the area
for "my God, I wanted you to know
the dream I dreamed at night in bed"
about 2 nations hand in hand and a raised head
shalom, salam, peace to all in the world.

We came to drive away the darkness...

Hebrew words

*traffic light

Subliminal and Hatzel
Subliminal and Hatzel

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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