BERESHIT - Uri Fineman


Bereshit hayu shamayim
Bereshit haya hayam kachol
Bereshit hayu li yom va'layla, layla
Sha'ot har'be kechol

Bereshit hayta ha'aretz
Deshe esev, rach ke'shai la, shai la

Gan be'eden, gan bli sha'ar
Mishamayim, geshem tov nitach
Ve'elohim haya rachum im shachar
Ulemishmeret natan hu li otach, li otach

Bereshit haya li shemesh
Bereshit zimru li tziporim
Bereshit hivshil ha'pri ad erev, erev
Tutim ve'gargerim

Haya li layla
Haruchot zimru shir eres (li ve'lach)

Gan be'eden, gan bli sha'ar......



In the beginning, there was sky (heaven)
In the beginning, the sea was blue
In the beginning, I had day and night
Hours as many as sand

In the beginning, the land was
A soft grass, as a present for her
In the beginning

A garden in Eden, garden with no gate
From heaven, good rain is falling
And God was merciful with dawn
He gave you to me, to guard and keep, you to me.

In the beginning, I had sun
In the beginning, birds sang to me
In the beginning, the fruit was ripe come evening
Strawberries and grains.

I had night
The winds chanted a lullaby (for me and you)

A garden in Eden.....



Hebrew words

Ehud Manor
Tzvika Noy
Gabi Shoshan
Uri Fineman

Words transliterated and translated by Yuval P of Tel Mond, Israel.
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