“Achat shtayim shalosh arbah”
“Yoffi! Yafeh!”

Barvazon katan
Yatza mihabaitza
Halach lo litayel
Leorech habitza
Habarvazon haya
Kol kach razeh v’dak
Shehahorim shelo karu lo
Karu lo Donald Duck

Ga ga ga, quack quack quack,
Ain kamocha Donald Duck
Ain kamocha Donald Duck

U pa’am ksheyatza
Laemtz habitza
Tzfardeya yeruka
Natna alav kfitza
Veshara lo, “Quack quack,
Ani otcha ohevet
Ohevet Donald Duck”

Ga ga ga…

Hayom hu kvar shamen
V’hu bekoshi zaz
Mebarvazon katan
Hu naasah barvaz
Omeret hatzfardeya,
“Hayom ata anak
Aval etzli nisharta
Nisharta Donald Duck”

Ga ga ga…


“One two three four”
“Beautiful! Great!”

A little duckling
Came out of an egg
He went for a walk
Around the swamp
The duckling was
So thin and slender
That his parents called him,
Called him Donald Duck

Ga ga ga, quack quack quack
There’s no one like you Donald Duck
There’s no one like you Donald Duck

And once when he went out
To the middle of the swamp
A green frog
Jumped over him
And sang to him, “Quack quack,
I love you
Love you, Donald Duck

Ga ga ga…

Today he’s already fat
And he moves with difficulty
From a little duckling
He became a duck
The frog says,
“Today you are huge
But in my heart you remain,
You remain Donald Duck.”

Ga ga ga…

Hebrew words

Yoram Teharlev
Kobi Oshrat
Mike Burstyn

Words transliterated and translated by Erica Goldman of Los Angeles, California, USA.
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