Yam hamavet hakachol balat yanu'a
umime'al ananah k'tanah tashut.
Etz ha'eshel bid'mamah yazu'a
vekol kav bachol yafeh charut.
Ha'adamah tatz'hiv
belahat shemesh
ve'avak mach'nik ya'uf barom
ach Ein Gedi lo tibol bekemesh,
bah yish'lot gaven yarok vechom.

Ein Gedi, Ein Gedi
mah hayah ki tzamacht bechamah
Ein Gedi, Ein Gedi
eich p'lagim bach chot'rim bash'mamah
Ein Gedi, Ein Gedi
bach hayofi yofa bechol hod
vehalev yeharher veyach'mod,
vehalev yeharher veyach'mod.

Yam hamavet hakachol bile'at yanu'a
vekol har bo yitnase ge'eh veram.
Nachal Arugot, zeh hayadu'a
mehalcho yashir el toch hayam.
Ha'adamah tatz'hiv belahat shemesh,
ach Ein Gedi hi naveh midbar
yom chadash eino domeh la'emesh
va'atid maz'hir tzofan lah hamachar.

Ein Gedi, Ein Gedi...


The blue sea of death will move softly
and above a small cloud will roam.
The tamarisk tree will budge in silence
and each line in sand will be engraved pretty.
The ground will turn yellow
from the scorching of the sun
and choking dusk will fly high
but Ein Gedi won't wither with wrinkles
in it, a green colour and warmth will rule.

Ein Gedi, Ein Gedi
what was as you grew in the sun
Ein Gedi, Ein Gedi
as your brooks sabotage the boredom
Ein Gedi, Ein Gedi
the beauty appears in all glory in you
and the heart will think and covet,
and the heart will think and covet.

The blue sea of death will move softly
each hill in it will arise proud and high.
Flowerbed river, is known
for its walk will sing into the sea.
The ground will go yellow in the sun's burn
but Ein Gedi is desert dwelling
a new day doesn't resemble last night
and the future warns its viewers of tomorrow.

Ein Gedi, Ein Gedi...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Also sung by Gary Eckstein

For a wonderful translation see Zemerl

Eitan Peretz
Dov Aharoni
Arik Einstein
Yigal Bashan
Yehudit Ravitz
Yoni Rechter & Yehudit Ravitz

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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