Geshem kvar yored vezeh choref
Tel Aviv chasumah vegam Cheifa.
Shev yeled shev,
ani omer lecha shev
ushneinu nos'im bedarchei afar.
Mabit miba'ad laz'gugit,
yesh lanu eretz lamah od achat,
bachutz sh'kiah shel yom sheni,
ve'aravim mitpalelim
ki eize chag.
Chaver lemin masa kaze bachoref
mistakel bi.
Raglav k'tzarot
aval rosho chacham
shneinu bim'nusah,
hakol po zaz, omer li
ata gam aba, ata gam ben adam.
Mabit miba'ad laz'gugit,
einaim yesh lo regishot, ken ken.
Muzar ech ha'oyev hazar
nir'eh lo enoshi vegam poched.

Yesh li ishah zot ima shelcha
nis'a, nis'a,
ulai nagi'a ad machar,
im lo na'et,
lo nabit, lo nasim lev lif'ratim,
lo nagi'a le'eretz chadashah.

Shtei k'vasim olot al em haderech
lo nid'ros otan,
anachnu lo dorsim.
Shev yeled shev
ani omer lecha shev.
Chalav beshefa zeh lo omer nisim,
sholef matzlemah shel kis,
choshev shegan ha'eden meduyak
mak'chish shekar lo
umetzalem kedei shenizkor mah shehayah.
Karati be'iton al achat bat me'ah,
shekol chayeiha asta ma'asim tovim.
Shev yeled shev.
Ani omer lecha shev
lo kol ha'anashim noldu ra'im.
hi metah dei mizman
avicha hu yamut gam yom echad.
Lo gan ha'eden lo kayam,
ulai kayemet eretz chadashah.

Yesh li ishah...

Geshem kvar yored vezeh choref
pa'am zeh hakol hayah varod,
shev yeled shev.
Lamah lehitrapek
mashehu chorek bazikaron.
Mabit miba'ad lash'latim,
einaim yesh k'dei lehistakel.
Tagid sho'el oti ha'em,
ha'im yitnu lanu bichlal lehikanes.
Chaverim lemin mas'a kazeh bachoref
kvar chaser li,
avi yashen, zaken umistager.
Ito halachti
derech ha'einaim shekvar ein li
achshav yaldi sheli iti holech.
Mabit miba'ad laz'gugit,
yesh lanu eretz lamah od achat,
bachutz sh'kiah shel yom sheni,
bifnim ani vehu k'mo ish echad.

Yesh li ishah...

It is raining, it is winter
Tel Aviv is blocked, so is Haifa
Sit down kid
I tell you, sit down
We both are traveling in dirt roads
Looking through the glass window
We have a country, why another one?
Outside the sunset of a Monday
And the arabs are praying,
it is some kind of holiday
A friend who joined me on the trip
Is looking at me
His legs are short
but his head is smart
We both are running away,
everything moves here, he says
You are a dad and also a human being
Looking through the glass window
His eyes are sensative, yes, yes
Strange how the strang enemy
Looks to him human and scared

I have a wife, it is your mum
Let's travel, let's travel,
maybe tomorrow we'll get there
If we don't slow down,
we will not look, will not notice the details
We will not reach a new country

Two sheep get in the middle of the road
We will not run them over,
we don't run over
Sit, kid, sit
I tell you sit
A lot of milk doesn't mean miracles
I pull out a pocket camera
Thinking paradise is spot on
Denys it is cold
I take photos to remember what happened
I read in the paper of a 100 year-old woman
Who did good deeds all her life
Sit, kid, sit
I tell you sit
Not all people were born bad
Long time ago,
she passed away pretty long ago
Your father will die one day too
No, paradise doesn't exist
May be another country exists

I have a wife.....

It is raining, it is winter
It was all pink (good)once
Sit, kid, sit
why do you cling on
Something squeaks in the memory.
Looking through the signs
You have eyes so you can look
You ask me if
If they will let us in at all
Friends on such a trip in the winter,
I miss it
My father is asleep, old, closing himself in
I went with him
through the eyes I don't have any more
Now my child walks with me
Looking through the glass door
We have a country, why another one?
Outside the sunset of a Monday
Inside I and him as one

I have a wife.....

Photo of Artist & words

Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Gadi Bitton 2008

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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