Tishme'u sipur katzar
ulai afilu k'tzat matzchik
al hayom bo pagashti
et gabi vedebbie
im hamagic stick.

Halachti li erev echad letumi
histakalti svivi lepo velesham
k'shelefet'a kulam dibru be'anglit
vetziva'am hitchalef leshachor velavan
kulam hayu sham:
Miss Ding Dong, Scooterman
vehacowboy hahu - mah sh'mo
hayah doctor halfbaked,
mister kashtan,
yirmi kaplan ve'aba shelo gam
Gam gabi vedebi aval hem amdu benifrad
debi nir'tah shebuzah vegabi mutrad
hem amru shehem ibdu
eizeh makel k'samim
vesha'alu im echpat li
la'azor bachipusim
sababah, yesh pras lamotze hayashar?
anu li
she'im emtza t'amakel hem yetisuni
lechol makom she'evchar berachavei tevel
matzati et hakamel toch shniyah bediyuk
ki gabi sam oto bakis ha'achori eizeh dafuk

"woohoo" tza'akti
kmo homer simpson be'ekstazah
bou natus lepariz lasheraton plaza
yesh sham bro la pot wachad beit zonot
sham ani rotzeh lihyot
debi kichkecha bigronah ve'amra
atah tzarich lehavin davka hayinu smechim
aval yesh lanu letza'archa mispar ilutzim
kodem kol zo televiziah chinuchit
vetzarich shehameser yihyeh chiyuvi
ein lecha barosh eizeh makom yoter tzioni?
mah tzioni? amarti mah? kmo Hertzl?
hops! nachatnu bebazl.

Hadag nachash osim hip hop tzioni,
hadag nachash osim hip hop tzioni!

Hertzl nish'an al hamakah
mah zeh bashanati
ech shera'iti oti nihyah li anti
hu lo mitbayesh lehistalbel
ke'ilu klum
ba'aretz hakol oleh ba'esh
mah hu satum?
Histakalti lo ba'einaim
mikarov tov tov
eizeh ket'a
ha'ishounim murchavim
vehalavan shel ha'ayin mah zeh adom

pss...lachashti nirah li hu mastul
gabi amar sh'tok sachek otah cool
aval lo hitapakti vehitachti
bechozeh hamedinah bli bushah
et kol pirtei hametzi'ut ha'israelit
ha'agumah vehakashah

ani siparti al te'unot hadrachim
vesiparti al shvitat hanachim
ani siparti al rev'a milion muvtalim
vesiparti al politika'im mushchatim
Hertzl lo higiv chiyech chiyuch rachav
et yad yamin tachav lachis michnasav
nisiti lehadgish she'ein shalom
ein bitachon
venim'as lichyot becharadah
Hertzl sham li karton al halashon ve'amar:
"Im tikchu ein zo agadah"

Hadag nachash...

Lo hitzlachti lehavin
mah koreh li bechayay
pit'om hayah li karabin beyaday
matzati et atzmi bakrav al Tel Chai
lo rotzeh neshek ein li cheshek
yesh li profil 21

aval gabi amar
she'hasipur betel chai
hu me'od mashma'uti
veshelilmod oto kedai
zihiti et Trumpeldor miyad, eizeh kli
nu zeh zeh im hayad, be'etzem bli
mah nishma Yosef? sha'alti benimus
aval Trumpeldor hayah atzbani veka'us
pit'om haru'ach he'eltah anan avak
Trumpeldor nishnak nichnak
veyarak nozel yerakrak
mamash leyadeinu
achar kach hishta'el ve'amar
"tov lamuchtah al artzeinu"

Hadag nachash...

Pit'om hakol hirgish gadol alai
kashlu raglai laritzpah nafalti
vetza'akti: dai!
Hati'ul hazeh hayah amur lihyot
Chuppar amiti
lo kef itchem bichlal
dafaktem oti, dafaktem oti
debi hitashtah rishonah
pantah elai behavanah imahit
atah tzodek amrah achshav natus
le'an shetirtze le'an shetagid
o, sof sof
rak lo liyerushalaim be2002 amarti
aval kanir'e shehem lo sham'u 'ta"lo"
ki bediyuk lepoh
bediyuk lepoh
bediyuk lepoh ani chazarti.

Hadag nachash...

Listen to a short story
maybe even a bit funny
about the day I met
Gabby and Debbie
with the magic stick.

I went over one evening in all innocence,
looked around here and there,
when suddenly everyone was talking English,
and they all went black and white.
Everyone was there:
Miss Ding Dong Scooterman,
and that cowboy whatsisname.
There was Dr Half-baked,
Mr. Kashtan,
Yirmi Kaplan and his dad too.
and Gabi & Debbie but they were apart.
Debbie seemed pissed, and Gabi troubled.
They said theyd lost
some magic stick,
and asked me if Id mind
helping them find it?
Said Cool there a prize for the finder?
They told me
That if I find it, theyd fly me
to any place in the world I wanted.
Found the stick in a flash,
cos Gabi put it in his back pocket, the jerk

"Woohoo" I yelled
like an ecstatic Homer Simpson
Let's fly to Paris to the Sheraton Plaza
There there's Bru La Fot an amazing brothel
That's where I want to be
Debi cleared her throat and said
You have to understand we'd be quite pleased
But unfortunately for you we've got some restrictions
First of all this is educational TV
And the message has got to be positive
You can't come up with something a bit more Zionist?
What Zionist? I said what? Like Herzl?
Whoops! We landed in Basel.

HaDag Nachash is doing a Zionist hip-hop
HaDag Nachash is doing a Zionist hip-hop

Herzl was leaning on the rail
completely relaxed
As soon as I saw him it turned me off
He wasn't ashamed to stare
like nothing was happening
All of Israel is up in flames,
What, is he really so thick?
I looked him in his eyes
real good from up close
his pupils were wide
and the white of his eyes all red

Pss...I whispered that it seems to me he's stoned
Gabi said to shut up, play it cool
But I couldn't control myself and continued needling
the visionary of the State without embarrassment
All the details of the cruel
and tough reality of Israel

I told him of the traffic accidents
And I told him about the handicapped on strike
I told him about the quarter million unemployed
And I told him about the corrupt politicians
Herzl didn't respond, only smiled a broad smile
putting his hand into his pocket,
I tried to tell him there's no peace
and there's no security
and that I'm fed up living in constant fear
Herzl put a tablet on my tongue and said,
"If you swallow it, it won't be a dream."

HaDag Nachash is doing a Zionist hip-hop....

I couldn't understand
what was happening to me, really
Suddenly I had a rifle in my hands
And I found myself at the battle of Tel Hai
I don't want a weapon, I have no desire
I've got a psychological discharge

But Gabi told me
that the story of Tel Hai
Is really meaningful
and worthwhile to learn about it
I spotted Trumpeldor immediately, yeah
The one with the hand, actually without
How are you Yosef? I asked politely
But Trumpeldor was anxious and angry
Suddenly the wind raised a cloud of dust
Trumpeldor choked
and spit
literally next to us
Afterwards he coughed and said
"It's good to throw up on our country"

HaDag Nachash is doing a Zionist hip-hop...

Suddenly everything felt like it was too much for me
My legs failed and I fell to the floor
and yelled enough!!!
This trip was supposed to be
something really special
It's no fun with you at all
You screwed me, you screwed me
Debi recovered first
and turned to me with real understanding
You're right she said, now we'll fly
Wherever you want wherever you say
Oh, finally
Just not to Jerusalem 2002 I said
But apparently they didn't hear the not
Because precisely to here
To where?
Precisely to here
To where?
Precisely to here I came back

HaDag Nachash is doing a Zionist hip-hop....

Hebrew words

Parts of translation adapted from the JA website.
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Sha'anan Streett, Guy Margalit, Amir Ben Ami, Moshe "Atraf" Asraf, Dudush Klemes, Yaya Cohen Aharonov & Shlomi Alon
Guy Margalit, Amir Ben Ami, Moshe "Atraf" Asraf, Dudush Klemes, Yaya Cohen Aharonov & Shlomi Alon
Hadag Nachash
To Move / Lazuz Track 7

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Rachel Goykh of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
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