Lo tzarich sibah k'dei lis'moach
lo tzarich sibah k'dei lir'kod
hu natan li et kol hako'ach
ligrom lachem lir'kod
az tiftechu et halev titnat'ku mehakol
ha'aminu be'echad ki hu hakol yachol
t'nu laketzev etchem lehovil
tarimu t'ayadaim ki hakol kan matchil

Harimu t'ayadaim me'al harosh
haketzev baraglaim achat shtaim shalom

Halailah zeh hazman
Halailah zeh hazman
leharim t'ayadaim lashamaim

Yadaim ba'avir malah malah
rotto kadimah hal'ah hal'ah
t'nu laketzev etchem leharim
k'chu k'tzat regesh t'nu k'tzat or lifanim
ta'aminu ki zeh kol mah shetzarich
gam im kasheh haderech zehu chelek metahalich
az tarimu t'ayadaim ba'avir
tarimu t'ayadaim ba'avir

Harimu t'ayadaim me'al harosh...


Don't need a reason to rejoice
don't need a reason to dance
he gave me all the strength
to cause you to dance
so open your hearts and disengage from everything
believe in one for he is the omnipotent
let the rhythm lead you
raise your hands cuz everything starts here

Raise your hands over the head
the rhythm in the beef one two three

Tonight's the time
Tonight's the time
to raise the hands to the sky

Hands in the air, up up
rotto forward, on and on
let the rhythm life you up
take some feeling let some light forward
believe cuz that's all that's needed
even if it's hard, the path is part of the process
so raise your hands in the air
raise your hands in the air

Raise your hands over the head...

Hebrew words

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Gadi Elbaz & Alon De Loco
Gadi Elbaz
Gadi Elbaz & Alon De Loco
Stuff For The Party Track 2
Meanings Track 3
Orly Setareh 2007
Watch Orly and friends do the dance

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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