Ata tavi et hachofim
Ani avi et hashchafim
Ve’et hayam yavi lanu hageshem
Anashim meshufshafim
Chozrim habayta ayefim likrat
Hasheket shel shabat

Vechim’at ibadeti tikva
Ba’olam kavta ha’ahava
La’avod, lirkod,lakum, lishon
Kayitz choref stav shishi rishon

Hayiti batzafon hapore’ach
beLondon im chalon layare’ach
bayam vegam al hayabasha
beTel Aviv haya li mafte’ach
uvi New York hechlakti al hakerach
Aval ha’ahava shelcha
Eretz chadasha

Al hase’ar hamidbari
Nish’ar hare’ach hatari
Ke’ilu rak harega hitkalachta
Hakol hitchil beyom mikri
Lo karagi, lo efshari aval
Yatzanu mehaklal

Etzlecha tamid dolek ha’or
Ein lecha shetach afor
Ha’amok itcha yoter amok
Ro’im otanu merachok

Hayiti batzafon.....

You will bring the beaches
I will bring the seagulls
And the rain will bring us the sea
Worn out people
Come back home tired
To the Shabat’s quite

And I almost lost hope
Love was extinguished in the world
To work, dance, to get up and go to sleep
Summer, Winter, Autumn, Friday, Sunday

I was in the flowering north
In London, with a window to the moon
At sea, and on the land
I had a key in Tel Aviv
And was ice skating in New York
But your love
Is a new country

On the desert like hair
Remained the fresh smell
As if you just had a shower
It all started one day, accidently
Not usual, not possible
But we were the exception.

The light is always on with you
You don’t have a grey area
The deep is deeper with you
We are seen from a far

I was in the flowering north.....

Hebrew words

Keren Peles
Keren Peles
Keren Peles
Yaron Ben Simhon

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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