Al tomar li kamah hayu lecha nashim
al tilchash li cheresh shirim meshumashim
al tikneh li perach bimkom milim chamot
o timkor li sheker atuf bechalomot.

Bo kvar eleiha
nashek et yadeiha
veg'a bis'fateiha achshav
veten achshav et atzmecha
bo kvar eleiha
habit be'eineiha
achoz beyadeiha achshav
ten et atzmecha
venohav beteruf kol hazman.

Lo al tesachek li nasich bilti musag
vegam al tomar li she'asha'er levad
rak chashuv lereg'a al mah atah omer
tihyeh atah atzmecha ve'lo acher.

Bo kvar eleiha...

Ten et atzmecha
venohav beteruf kol hazman
ten et atzmecha vez'rom iti
ha'ahavah shelanu tilmad ligdol.

Bo kvar eleiha...

Donít tell me how many women youíve had
Donít whisper to me used songs
Donít buy me a flower instead of warm words
Or sell me a lie wrapped in dreams

Go to her already
Kiss her hands
And touch her lips now
Give your self now
Go to her already
Look into her eyes
Hold her hands now
Give your self
And we will love madly all the time

No donít act the unattainable prince
And donít tell me that Iíll stay alone
Just think for a moment about what youíre saying
Be yourself and no other

Go to her already...

Give your self
and we will love madly all the time
Give yourself and flow with me
Our love will yet learn to grow

Go to her already...

Hebrew words

Yoav Ginai
Shirli Tzafri
Shirli Tzafri
Lovesick Track 8
Oren Ashkenazi
Demonstrated by Oren Ashkenazi

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Asher Ellazam of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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