Itcha, halev lo sho'el she'elot
itcha, lo mechapeset t'shuvot
itcha, halev lo amar li madu'a
itcha, zeh pashut itcha.

Ulai tavin ulai ted'a,
ani be'etzem od yaldah
haregashot sheli rakim eleicha,
atah ro'eh oti k'tanah/kanah
ani ro'ah otcha gadol betoch sufah shel ahavah
mistateret bin'chishut bein hatov uvein hara.

Lechayaim bo'arot, halev lo ragu'a
s'fataim bohakot veketzev noshan
bemanginah rakah mistater haga'agu'a
kol sha'ah arukah rotzah otcha.


With you, my heart doesn't ask questions
with you, I do no search for answer
with you, my heard did not say why to me
with you, it's simple with you.

Maybe you'll understand, maybe you'll know
I'm basically still a girl
my feelings are tender to you,
you see me as small
I see you as big in a storm of love
I hide in guessing between the good and the bad.

Burning cheeks, my heart is not calm
pale lips and an ancient rhythm
in a soft melody the yearning conceals itself
every hour is long, I want you.

With you...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Maya Buskila
Maya Buskila
Maya Buskila

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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