Achshav acharei yomayim shloshah,
shenas'at velakacht et kol mah shehayiti itach
giliti tmunot al hakir halavan,
vechamah ananim be'afor al tikrat hamitbach.

Mamash be'oto hayom shenas'at
tziltzel hasha'on vehe'ir et habayit kulo.
Veshemesh chorpit bat'risim nich'nesah,
vera'iti panim bakafeh domot lo domot.

Pit'om k'shelo ba'at
ani ratziti kol kach,
ufit'om k'shelo ba'at,
na'asah li kar,
vehid'lakti et ha'or bacheder hasamuch,
vechikiti lach sha'ot bli avir vaguf.

Achar kach galshah hatikrah laritz'pah,
vehash'chakim nimle'u tzipor,
venas'ati rachok k'mo yonah shel bar,
vehayiti cholem vehayiti er.

Le'at le'at kavah ha'or levado,
venotarti chashuch, vehayiti levad.
Min hakir halavan gal'shu hat'munot,
atzuvot, atzuvot, ki pit'om k'shelo ba'at.

Now after two, three days,
that you went and took all that I was with you
I found pictures on the white wall,
and how many cloud in gray are on the kitchen ceiling.

In the very day you left,
the clock rang and woke the whole house.
And the winter sun entered in through the shutters,
and I saw my face in the coffee, alike, not alike.

Suddenly when you didn't come
I wanted so much,
and suddenly when you didn't come,
it made me cold,
and I lit the light in the next room,
and I waited for you for hours without air or a body.

Afterwards the ceiling slid down to the floor,
and the sky was filled with birds,
and I went far like a dove in the countryside,
and I was dreaming and I was awake.

Slowly slowly the light went out alone,
and I was left in the dark and I was alone.
From the while wall the pictures slid off,
sad, sad (pictures) for suddenly you didn't come.

Hebrew words


Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Drachim Track 6
The Songs 3-Selected Works Track 8

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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