Misaviv yehom hasa'ar,
Ach rosheinu lo yishach,
Lifkuda tamid anachnu tamid
Anu, anu Hapalmach.

Mimetulah ad hanegev,
Min hayam ad hamidbar,
Kol bachur vatov - laneshek,
Kol bachur al hamishmar!

Nativ lanesher bashamayim
Shvil lefereh bein harim,
mul oyev darkeinu ya'al,
bein nikrot uvein tsurim.

Rishonim tamid anachnu,
Le'or hayom uvamachshach,
Lifkudah tamid anachnu tamid,
Anu, anu Hapalmach.

Though the storm is ever mounting
Still our heads remain unbowed.
We are ready to obey all commands,
The Palmach will win - we've vowed.

From Metulla to the Negev,
From the desert to the plain,
All our youth defend the homeland,
Till we bring it peace again.

In the eagle's path we follow,
Over mountain tracks we go,
Among stony heights and caverns
We are seeking out the foe.

When you summon us to battle,
We will be there first by day or night,
We are ready when you give the command,
The Palmach will march in might.

Hebrew words
Italian - singable    Spanish   

Musical Notation and Hebrew on Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Gilad Zerubavel
David Zehavi
Shimon Israeli
Just An Ordinary Day Disk 2 Track 14
Songs Of The Pioneers Track 19

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Italian - singable translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
Spanish translation by Heidi Cazes de Sevilla of Mexico City, Mexico.
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Italian - singable


Fuori infuria la tempesta,
ma al comando marcer?
e non piegher? la testa, perch?
? un soldato del “Palmach”.

Di Febbraio, Aprile o Giugno,
dal deserto fino al mar,
ogni uomo, l'arma in pugno,
pronto in guardia ad aspettar.

L'avvoltoio in cielo vola,
per le cime il lupo va,
tra una rupe ed una gola
sul nemico piomber?.

Sempre primi su pei monti,
con il sole e nell'oscurit?,
al comando siamo pronti, perch?
siamo quelli del “Palmach”.

*Palmach - acronimo di Plugot Machatz - Il “commando”
dell' Hagana prima della fondazione dello Stato d'Israele.



Alrededor ruge el hurac?n
Mas nuestra cabeza no se bajar?
Siempre listos a seguir todas las ?rdenes,
Nosotros somos el Palmaj.

Desde Metula hasta el Neguev,
Desde el mar hasta el desierto,
Cada muchacho bueno para las armas,
Cada muchacho a la guardia.

Un sendero al ?guila en el cielo,
Un camino por lo salvaje entre los montes
Ante el enemigo nuestro camino asciende
Entre grietas y entre rocas.

Los primeros siempre somos,
A la luz del d?a y en la oscuridad
Siempre listos a seguir todas las ?rdenes,
Nosotros somos el Palmaj.