Ein lanu Ibiza,
Ein harbeh baviza,
Aval yesh et habriza shel Eilat-
Az im ata margish shecham
Titargen al oto ve’al beged yam
Ein od kayitz kazeh- bemedinah acheret

Az bo nasim et kol habe’ayot batzad
Beyachad nelamed otam echad echad
Shema shemedaber et haIsraelim
Ze bas im silsulim

Welcome potchim nachon
Hamakom hachi cham bamizrach hatichon
Medinah ktanah ‘staklu saviv
Yesh big balagan in Tel Aviv

Cholm al ma’awalim
Ve’afim eich shehabit nichnas
Haketzev shel habasim
Ya’ase lechah barosh kirkas

Ve’ad matai
Be’emtza hamidbar
Lo tzarich od shum davar
Az ani shar

Ein lanu Ibiza....

Az bo nasim et kol habe’ayot.....

Habano po, ein al habano po
Kol achat betzeva,
Boina eze shezufot po
Cham az hen shotot po,
Kama hen shotot po
Olot hama’aot az habanot olot la’oto

Mehachom shel hanegev
Ve’ad haChermon
Kacha ze ba’aretz kacha ze beTziyon
Kol Shabbat badesheh al ha’itztadyon
Kacha ze ba’aretz kacha ze beTziyon

Alcohol miRusia, ochel Marokai
Kinor Ashkenazi im tipah “tinanai nai”
Gam im bachutz ze nir’ah al hapanim
Wallack lo mitlonenim, gam im

Ein lanu Ibiza....

Az bo nasim et kol habe’ayot.....


We don’t have an Ibiza,
Not too many funds in our Visa
But we do have the breeze in Eilat
And the Sea of Galilee
So if you feel hot
Organise a car and bathers
No country has a summer like ours

So let’s put all the problems aside
And together we will teach each country
That what appeals to Israelis
Is 'Bass with trills'

Welcome, we start correctly
This is the hottest place in the Middle East
It’s a small country, look around you
There is a big mess in Tel Aviv

We love and adore *Mawalls
And soar as soon as the beat comes in
The Basses' rhythm
Will turn your head into a circus

Until when
In the middle of the desert
We don’t need anything else
So I sing

We don’t have an Ibiza.....

So let’s put all the problems...

The girls here, nothing like the girls here
Dark olive skin,
They are so suntanned
It's hot, so they drink here,
They drink so much here
The temperature rises so they enter the car

From the desert heat,
To the **Chermon mountain
This is how it is here, in Zion
Every Saturday on the grass in the stadium
This is how it is here, in Zion

Alcohol from Russia, Moroccan food
*Ashkenazi violin with a bit of Tinana nai
Even if it looks hopeless to an outsider
We don’t complain, even if we do

We don’t have an Ibiza.....

So let’s put all the problems......



Hebrew words

The song is a description of Israel through the eyes of Israelis who explain it to outsiders from other countries. The concept of Silsulim is a metaphor.

*Mawall – is a musical Arabic improvisation which shows the singers’ vocal skills.
It is based on the words from the song and can be performed as an introduction to the songs or in the middle of them. (See the link about trills)
**Mt Hermon is situated in the North of Israel and is used as a ski resort in the winter.
***Ben El Tavori is the son of singer Shimi Tavori,
About the meaning of 'trills' ('silsulim')

Ben El Tavori and Liraz Ruso
Ben El Tavori and Liraz Ruso
Ben El Tavori and Liraz Ruso
Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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