TISA 5325


Sheva ushloshim baboker hasha’on metzatzel
Tamid kehergelo et hashena hu mekalkel
Orez li mizvada shote kafe bechipazon
Mamash od sha’atayim al tisa beben guryon

Mazmin monit ose li od sivuv babayit
Bodek shelo shachachti klum
Hadarkon bakis od shniya kvar bashamayim
Oi kama she’ani achshav mabsut

Tisa chamesh shalosh shtayim chamesh
Ani kvar mitragesh
Pitom elai nigeshet
Hai shalom kise leyad chalon
Rotza lehitchalef besheket mevakeshet
Ani lo sagur
Az boi nitchalef bentayim
Tzocheket magniva li chiyuch
Hatayas machriz
Od shniya kvar bashamayim
Tasimu chagurot betichut

Chalfu kvar sha’atayim ve’anachnu ba’avir
Mistaber sheyesh benenu meshicha mekir lekir
Kesem bashchakim ze metoraf kach bashamayim
Limtzo‘a ‘t’achat velatus

Tisa chamesh shalosh shtayim chamesh…

Ahava kazot batu’ach lo ta’ut

Tisa chamesh shalosh shtayim chamesh…

Seven thirty in the morning, the alarm rings
As usual my sleep is ruined
Organize my suitcase, drink coffee in a hurry
Still two more hours to the flight at Ben Gurion

Order a taxi, make one more tour of the house
Check that I have not forgotten anything
Passport in my pocket, soon I will be in the sky
Oh how happy I am right now

Flight five three two five
I'm already excited
Suddenly you approach me
“Hi! The window seat,
I want to switch with you” you ask quietly
“I am not committed,
So let's switch for a while”
You laugh and steal a smile at me
The pilot announces
“Soon we will be in the sky
Fasten your seat belts”

Two hours have passed and we are in the air
It turns out that between us there is a wall-to-wall attraction
Heavenly magic creates such havoc in the skies
Find the perfect person and fly off

Flight five three two five…

Love like this is surely not a mistake

Flight five three two five…


èéñä 5325

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Avi Ochayon
Avi Ochayon & Matan Dror
Moshe Peretz
Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Jim Rust of Evanston, Il, USA.
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