Aba, slichah
ani mitcharetet al kol mah shekarah
ani omeret she'ani to'ah
Aba slichah
Tislach li Aba
Aba slichah...

Lo ratziti lalechet baderech hazot
ech kishef oti hakesem
zeh biglal hachaverot
Aba ani yoda'at she'ani to'ah
mitbayeshet lehabit bapanim shelcha
ech pag'ati Aba bakavod shelcha.

Aba al tivkeh kach hagoral ratzah
chaverot lakchu oti laderech hara'ah
anashim dibru aleicha
biglal mah shekarah
ech lo sham'ati Aba, lo sham'ati lecha.

Azavti et habayit lo sham'ati lecha
halachti im bachur she'oti pitah
rak tzarot vetza'ar garamti lecha
ech lo sham'ati Aba, lo sham'ati lecha
ani rotzah lach'zor habaytah
ulevakesh slichah.


Dad, sorry
I regret all that happened
I am saying that I make mistakes
Dad, sorry
forgive me Dad
Dad, sorry...

I did not want to go on this path
how the magic bewitched me
it's because of friends
Dad I know that I make mistakes
I'm ashamed to look in your face
how I hurt, oh Dad, your honour.

Dad, don't cry, it's how fate wanted (it)
friends took me on the evil path
people spoke about you
because of what happened
how I didn't listen Dad, I didn't listen to you.

I left home, I didn't listen to you
I went with a guy that tempted me
I caused only troubles and sorrow to you
how I didn't listen Dad, I didn't listen to you
I want to return home
and ask forgiveness.

אבא סליחה טעיתי

Hebrew words

Avi Biter
Liat Banai
Aba Slichah Taiti (Side A) Track 3

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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