Yamim ktzarim lelot mesu’arim
Veshuv otam bkarim me’usharim
Ze regesh she’ole bi al gdotav
Haru’ach bavilon
shorek li stav

Nafalnu leragley ha’ahavah
Hidlaknu et ha’esh bele’havah
Hakol svivi lochesh
rotzeh otchah
Kmo keren or
mitoch hachashechah

Ve’ezeh osher lehagid
Achshav ze kan uletamid
Ani itcha kuli
Ata achi sheli

Omrim yesh ahavah achat
Ein la tzevah min o dat
Hi chofesh habchirah
Hi derech
bli breirah
Ve’en ba pachad o bushah
Im ze gever o isha

Ze seret
bli targum mashma’uyot
Lechol davar acher
mutar lichyot
Haboker mechubak
Ha’etz shebachalon
rachutz betal

Ve’ezeh osher……

Omrim yesh ahavah……


Short days stormy nights
And again these happy mornings
It is a feeling full to brimming
The wind in the curtain
whistles Autumn to me

We fell at the foot of love
We lit the fire with the flame
Everything around me whispers,
wants you
Like a beam of light
from the darkness

It is happiness to say
It is here now and forever
All of me am with you
You are my brother

They say there is one love
It has no color, sex or religion
It is the freedom of choice
It is the road
with no alternative
It has no fear or shame
Whether it is a man or a woman

It is a movie
with no subtitles to the meaning
Anything else
is allowed to live
The morning is embraced
and wrapped
The tree in the window
is washed in dew

It is happiness……

They say…….

àçé ùìé

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Yehuda Poliker
Yehuda Poliker
Yehuda Poliker
Ahava Al Tnai Track 9

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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